That's why I never try to look cool.

I went to the gym tonight to run on the treadmill while Kate was at YW.
As I approached my chosen machine, there was a man in the neighboring treadmill walking without his hands on the guide bars. I was seriously impressed. The machine that he and I chose is a self powered uphill treadmill that is pretty tricky. To do it without hands takes some serious skill. I played it safe and held onto the bar for dear life. Because when you are watching Wheel of Fortune while walking a treadmill, sometimes distraction comes and missteps closely follow. I had just solved the final puzzle when my stud of a neighbor tripped and fell. I felt bad, but mostly impressed that I was able to suppress the laugh I had rising in my chest. You know what, though- he was okay. After all, his hands were free to break his fall.

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