We live on a very bumpy road

Our life has always had some crazy mixed into it.
When setbacks occur, many call it a 'bump in the road'.
Well, in our little family, we tend to have a lot of bumps. I suppose it makes us drive slower to enjoy the scenery? It's become a bit of a joke now.
Kind of like when we came home from vacation in November and our bathroom was flooded.
Or the one time our septic system backed up on Christmas morning.
And then it backed up again on New Year's Eve.
How about the instance in which we came home from a 16 hour drive home to have no hot water.
Speaking of water- that one time I had to make SOUP for 400 people and our kitchen sink broke. How do you make soup with out water, I ask you?!

Seriously, it's a plague in the House of Graham. Something is always going wrong. And we laugh. Because if you don't laugh, you cry.
So what bump am I sharing with you fine people today?
Oh, only that our power went out. All day long yesterday. At just our house. For apparently no other reason than it was our house. I called PG&E, but they refused to talk to me because I wasn't the name on the account.. After I waited over an hour to speak to someone. Let me remind you that our power was out, so a corded (plug into the wall) phone was necessary to make the call. And if a toddler is anything, it's savvy to the fact that mom cannot leave the spot in which she is standing. So for 68 minutes, I sat listening to muzak and watched the littles ruin my house one cupboard at a time. We decided to celebrate that by going out to dinner! Wanna see pictures?

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