I'm quirky

I like quails. I have been watching our property for the last decade waiting for a California quail to drop dead on the land so I could get it stuffed. Yes, I want to own an animal that has been treated by a taxidermist. Because the California quail is the state bird, I can't just go out and shoot one- and I wouldn't...
It seems strange, because it is. Who really wants a dead animal sitting in their living room? well, I do- but who else in their right mind?
In launching my new business, I have decided to set each table with a signature collectible. I was talking to my friend trying to choose what little figurine I would use. We went through animal after animal all the while forgetting about my obsession with quails. When she suggested a quail, because they were local, I literally hit her seat right by her head. I admit that I shocked this dear friend of mine, but no matter- I got the idea for my signature quail! Don't worry, not a dead one. I still haven't been lucky enough to find that gem. But, I did find these!!! 
The baby quail measures two inches tall. I'm going to hide that little guy on each tablescape as my signature. Isn't he cute? By the way, if you see any sickly looking quails, send them my way.

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