Yes, YOU could be making six figures a year!

I just want to let everyone know, I think I hit the motherload! I do not have to work another day in my life. Jimmy can quit his job. We found the ultimate wealth machine. Ironically enough, it is called utahwealthmachine.com. While driving in Utah, we saw this car with the best advertisement, if I've ever seen one. The first word I noticed was chocolate. Yum! Chocolate, you have my attention! And healthy, too? Tell me, what does this mean? You mean I could have multiple people working under me while I sit on my toucas eating the fabulous chocolatey goodness? Well, sign me up and I could display my new found wealth in a fantastic money mobile like this one!


Katie Blatter said...

Oh my gosh that is so funny! I just happened to have the picture off-screen until I read the whole entry and it was a perfect setup!!

Rella said...

This looks like a picture you'd find in an email forward!