Handwriting on the wall

I will start off by saying, "my poor, poor family..."
At my parents' house in Logan they have a cutesy poopsie play room in the basement. The walls are a sunshine yellow with a border of handprints around the room. Each grandchild puts up a handprint to represent growth- this tradition will be repeated every year. It was Kaitlin's turn to 'post her blog' (heehee... I am so clever!) on the wall between her cousins' prints. Being the anal mom that I am, I yanked off her shirt so as to not get paint on it. Grandma taught Kaitlin how to do the print and off she goes. I hope I do not display the behavior I did in the next moment when I am at, say a sports game in ten years' time. I didn't like the handprint so I wiped it off and had Kaitlin do it again. And again. And again. Everyone thought it was funny that I just could not be happy with the final result. I eventually gave up trying to make it perfect. As you can see in the picture- it is not perfect- but I let it go and Kaitlin was ecstatic about actually being allowed to get dirty. (not her shirt, though)

The Controlling Mother's Mantra:

I will let my child get dirty.

I will allow a late bed time, just this once.

I will not use my spit to wipe my child's face.

I will take my child to the store in mismatched clothing (eventually)

Someday, I will start to believe what I keep repeating to myself, until then... let's go vacuum the corners, yay!

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Rella said...

I'm pretty sure I never used my own spit to wipe dirt off my kids' faces. I used theirs.