We're raisin' her right

Kaitlin is a fantastic burst of sunshine in my life. I'd like to think Jimmy and I had something to do with that. Here are some of the reasons why my little sunbeam is so stellar:

1.) Kaitlin had decided that she wanted to be a red M&M for Halloween this year. I tried to talk her into something girly and cute, like some form of princess or fairytale character. After some debate I had given into the red M&M idea. I started to wonder why she even wanted to be a red M&M, since pink is her favorite color, hmmm..... so, I asked Kate why she chose a red M&M. Well, she replied that the color didn't really matter, because she would just be eating her costume after the holiday anyway. "What??" is the perfectly honest response I had for her. "Well," she answered, "M&Ms are made out of chocolate, so that means I get to be made out of chocolate! Yay!!!"
That little angel didn't know that her costume would be made out of fabric. Now, she wants to be a cupcake. Needless to say, I haven't told her that she won't be able to eat the sprinkles.

2.) Our family had someone over for dinner a few months ago. Kaitlin was very proud because she helped cook the lasagna we were eating. The guests asked Kaitlin what was in the lasagna. She replied, "Noodles, sauce and cheese." "Oh, what kind of cheese?" asked our guest. (I really don't think they were expecting an intelligible answer) Kaitlin, being the chef that she is stated, "We used two kinds of cheese. Mozzarella and ricotta." Yes, our daughter knows all the different cheeses... we haven't taught her how to pair them with grape juice... baby steps.

3.) Our daughter can be found belting out any Beatles song at any given time in any given place. She loves the Beatles!

4.) One day, Kaitlin and I had run the gamut of almost every store in Napa. She was so superb at every store, so I decided to get her a treat. I told her she could pick ANY store she wanted and get something from that store. She thought for a millisecond and shouted, "I want to go to the shoe store and get flip flops!" Yes, over the toy store and candy store... she chose the shoe store.

So, we're raising her right if we want a chocoholic chef and Beatlemaniac with a shoe fetish...
Does that sound like anyone you know?


stacey said...

haha That totally cracks me up! How many times has she seen "Across the Universe"? ;)

stacey said...

YES! We can go to breakfast. :) Of course. Yay! I'm so excited! You are not going to believe how big Scarlett is now. Let me know where and when and what not. You can call me when you guys get here and we can work out the deets.