"I got it at Ross"

I just have to say how much I love Ross. I went today (little tip: Wednesday morning is the best time to go because they stock clothes on Tuesday night and shoes on Wednesday morning). I got ten shirts, one dress, a pair of capris and the cutest shoes! All of those items cost me $99! Do you understand my obsession? I do have to say that the cost you pay at Ross is not really monetary, but more so in: screaming babies, unsupervised sticky kids (not mine of course...), aisles the size of a shoelace and pillows strewn on the only path you can take to your destination. I would say it's not worth it, but I love adventure! So, ladies.... get your bargains on!

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Kelly said...

Not a big fan of Ross, for all the reasons you mentioned. You need time, hand sanitizer and ear plugs when you're there. I am however happy you found so many great deals. I shoudl just pay you to find deals for me.