I have been having so much fun with my family... I'll explain later. But now, Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls of all ages! Come one, come all- I have found the mostest funnest game EVER! Well, actually my parents found it, but I just played it with them last night until 12:30am. It was so wicked awesome! It's all about planting beans and harvesting beans and... wow, that sounds dorky... beleeeeve me, it is fun! There are all these different types of beans. Example: Wax beans, red beans, green beans, etc. Well, it got to the point that we had all dropped the bean part of the name while trading beans. Highlight of the night: "I'll trade you a wax and a chili for a stink." Response: "I need my stink, but I sure would like a chili"... and on and on. It was great! One of my favorite things about visiting my family is playing new and interesting games. These past couple of days have been so fantastic! They've been so good that I haven't had time to post anything before this. I promise that I will have a wild 'n crazy adventure to write about soon. In fact, I've got some pictures in the works that will knock your socks off! For now, keep your socks on and enjoy the, in the words of Amy, 'chillaxin' posts.


Katie Blatter said...

Well, they DID bring us Settlers so I guess I'll have to trust them/you on this game too! Bring it on!

Rella said...

So the whole family went to Idaho? That's incredible! If they didn't you've got some 'splainin' to do! LOL!

Love you guys!