Maiden Message

So, here I am, on the world wide web. Well, I already know I'm obnoxious- now there's written proof... For my first blog I want to be profound and amazing. I want to be so intelligent and scrumptious in my writing that millions flock from computers all around just to hang on my every word. I think that's what we all want.... but seriously, I'm just going to be honest and up front with it. I'm scared poop-less. (I haven't cussed since fifth grade- don't think I'll start now)

So, I hope you enjoy my run down for my very first, very awesome blog!

I have been married for almost seven years: I am married to Jimmy, or I refer to him as Saint Jimmy. Mostly because he is an amazing example to me. I feel like I make enough mistakes for the both of us. He is just so... good. Since we've been married we have gotten really fat together. We have laughed ridiculously about insanely stupid things. We have moved twice. We have tried octopus at a Chinese restaurant. We've just done so many fun and crazy things! I shall update as I gain more experience in the blogging world.

I have a four-year-old daughter: My daughter's name is Kaitlin. She is a ball of fire that keeps me extremely busy. Just a couple of Kaitlin's quotable quotes: "Hey, I just went potty in the bath. I'm just kidding... psych!" and when asked if she had a balanced meal, her response, "That's right... it won't tip over."

We own two very well trained dogs, Baxter and Kenai. I recently shaved them for the Summer. Too bad I wasn't aware that it's not really neccesary to shave a lab. Now, Kenai looks like she has stripes... poor dog, she only has her looks, Baxter's the smart one. They can do some pretty cool tricks. Those tricks do not include chewing open a bottle of glue that is water activated, hence, the saliva activated stain in our carpet.

Well, I did think I was way more interesting than that... but I'm sure the day to day will be more so. It's like talking to somebody after not seeing them for years... there's so much to say, yet nothing at all.


April Kennedy said...

I am so excited you are blogging. Yipee!


stacey said...

Stephanie!!! Yay! Now I can keep up with you. You better keep up with this or I'll be sad. I miss Napa.

Kelly said...

Welcome to the new world of blogging...you'd better post often or I will bug you...just ask April...I bugged her until she posted more often.

Stephanie Bear said...

Way CoolStephanie! Now we will get to hear all the things that dad never tells me when you call!

Anonymous said...

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