Testing, testing, 123...

When I visited a friend's blogspot, I noticed that they had a link to take a "color personality" test. I took the bait, followed the link and ended up taking the "color personality" test... as well as the "which food network chef are you?" test, "what kind of funny are you?" test and many countless others.
I really don't think anything is wrong with taking these little quizzes, in fact, they are so garsh darn fun. I do, however, think there is something wrong with taking these tests multiple times because I didn't like the first answer.
On the "color personality" test, I was definitely slated for the wrong color- so I went back and took the test two more times until it came out the way I thought I was. Ditto with the chef test. There is no way I am NOT a Rachel Ray in training. Do these silly questionnaires not know this? Clearly, they couldn't hear me shouting, "Yumm-o!" with every answer.
Please don't think that I am so cocky and self absorbed that I don't know myself when I look in the mirror. That, folks, is not the case at all! Case in point- I did take some tests that I liked the first answer.
There was the ink blot test. I liked that answer. It said I was ruled by peace. Forget the times I yell at my kid, or curse the s-l-o-w driver in front of me with a, "Darnit Anyway!!!" (I inherited that one from my mom. I need to keep in mind that Kaitlin is always in the car with me, so if I want to break the vicious cycle, I had better do it now.) I am truly peaceful at heart... when I'm sleeping. After a heavy dosage of sleeping pills. And a blow to the forehead. If it's cold outside. And my left foot is out of the blanket- only the left foot. So, yes, you could say I am ruled by peace.
And then there was the IQ test I took. I was really happy with those results! Ladies (mostly) and gentlemen- you are reading a very smart person's blogspot! Never mind that I took forever to answer every question. There was also the question I yelled to the next room for the answer.
Me: (mumbling)Wow, this question is really hard... hmm..
Ashley: (in the same room as me) What?
Me: Do you know how to find the hypotenuse of a triangle?
Ashley: Uh... I'm in 8th grade, I haven't even taken pre algebra yet.
Me: Oh... (yelling) Hey, Jimmy! How do find the hypotenuse of a triangle?
Jimmy: (also yelling) I don't know! Look it up on Google.
Me:(still yelling, but I really am ruled by peace) I can't do that! I'm taking an IQ test!
So, I did eventually guess the answer to that one. But, I didn't use a calculator. I feel smart because I looked up on google (after the test, kids) to see if the result I did get was a high IQ or not. It turns out that it was in the top 2% of the US population! I think I'm just a lucky guesser, because, if I'm so smart- then why have I accidentally smacked myself in the head so hard, that I saw stars? (Long story, I was conducting music very energetically) And why, for goodness sake, have I gotten stuck in a McDonald's playplace tunnel? (I refuse to explain that one)
Finally, if I'm so smart, why do I keep taking personality tests and failing them?


Kelly said...

Your personality is SO great that it can't be measured on a "test".

April Kennedy said...

love it! i have never re-taken a personality test, but do believe that I am so great that I could be any of them, so why the heck does it matter if they get it right....they are all right! totally just kidding. i am always secretly crossing fingers and toes that it comes out right...but again...have never retaken one. I should try that!

hey i finally posted and haven't heard from you yet....where are you...obviously not on your butt in front of the computer!