Cash or Charge?

Cash, please. Yesterday was a day straight from the basement (that's what we call it- forget the double hockey sticks). Today was

I guess we paid for it all yesterday. I would much rather pay ahead of time. So, if my theory is correct, we will have a great trip home. Yes, I choose cash.

We started this glorious day with sleeping in- whoo hoo!!! Then we went to a 'lavish brunch' as the hotel called it. The food was amazing! I had a freshly made nectarine crepe, duck, lamb, fresh fruit, canapes, smoked salmon and so many other delicious things. We went for a leisurely walk around the resort and ended up a the chocolate shop. Kaitlin got a lollipop and black licorice- yum to the former, blech to the latter. We spent an afternoon lazing around the pool. No one else was there, we had the whole thing to ourselves. Back in our room, we took a relaxing hour to loaf. Then off to a fantastic dinner. I had the best dessert I have ever had- goat cheese cheesecake! I came back to the room to google a recipe so I can make it for Thanksgiving. After putting long pants on Kaitlin, Jimmy took her ice skating for the first time ever. It was so precious. This last activity took up the rest of the night. Back to our room, tucked in to bed and

sweet dreams. This was all worth the horrible trip we had getting here! Goodness, how I love paying in cash.


Katie Blatter said...

How wonderful! Jacob was looking at the picture and said "Can you walk in those ice skates?" Yes.."You know what? I want those same ones Kaitlin has. They don't have to be the same color though mom, okay? I used to play with her when I was little. I wish I could play with her every day!!"

April Kennedy said...

YUMMY to all the food! You can definitely try your recipes on me anytime. So are you guys there on a business trip? or just a leisure vacation? or both?! The resort sounds lovely...would you mind getting a spa treatment in honor of me please! When will you be home? why didn't I know you were going? where the heck are you and why? i should know these things as the other woman! ok...well hurry and answer me because as you lay enjoying this lovely vacation...my kids are beggin to go bowling..fun fun. rather have the spa treatment please!