TED BEAR (yes, that's his real name!!)

My Dad is an amazing person! He has taught me so much in my life.
Here are a few fun facts about my Daddy-O:
1) He pays for everything with either $2 bills, Sacagawea Dollars or silver dollars- yes, funny money is his forte.
2) He taught me how how NOT to gamble with my money by playing poker with me. My ante, you guessed it- my allowance. And, no, I've never ever gambled.
3) He looks at nametags at every store we've ever been to and uses the employee's name every chance he gets.
4) He loves imitation crab and frozen peas.
5) He is one of the most generous people I have ever met.
6) He always says, "Oh, my stars and garters!"
7) He taught me how to drive- I learned more from him than I ever learned in Driver's Ed.
8) My friends thought he was cool.
9) He would pass gas next to me in the store then say, "Stephanie!"
10) He is the best Dad I could ever ask for

My dad can get down with the best of them...

I just love that smile!
It makes me so happy!

Happy Father's Day!!!

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thebearden said...

What a great tribute to a great Dad! I would have to add a few points though:

11. He's probably the smartest guy I know, but he'll make you feel like he has much to learn from me.

12. He introduced us to Flash Gordon, great music, and Apple computers.

13. He was a great Dad to me even though no one would have thought the lesser of him if he wasn't.

Love you Dad!