We made it... halfway!

We spent 11 hours in the car today. Woo hoo! This, friends, is the key factor of why this post will either:
a) Not make sense
b) Have multiple gammatical errors
c) What was I doing again?
Yes, we are exhausted. I actually loved the drive from Napa to Salt Lake City, but I really wish we could stay longer. Off to Sun Valley, Idaho- right after breakfast! Jimmy and I laughed the whole way here. We joked and sang and I tried to watch a movie while Jimmy was drving, but he kept veering off the road to see the screen. I'm kinda funny, in that I hate the sound of a car driving over a rumble strip interupting a film. Needless to say, I had to turn it off.
Well, we got to SLC and I exploded. (Yes, we ate a lot of fast food, but not that kind of explosion- keep you mind out of the gutter, geez!) Poor Jimmy. He married a crazy lady. I'm sure the crazy was exciting at the time, but now it's getting old. I have no room to complain, I married Jimmy for his looks and his money. All I did was complain, even through the lack of space to do such. We drove around for hours to find a spot to eat dinner ( ANYWHERE with vegetables... ) and then to Temple Square for pictures. We still hadn't changed our clocks to Utah time, so they kicked us out because it was 9:30 and they closed at 9:00. I was very proud of my parking spot in front of the entrance gate. That is, until they locked the gate and we had to walk around the block to get to our car. Anyone who has been to Temple Square knows that the block is the size of Rhode Island! Once again, poor Jimmy... here we see all these hand holding darling couples walking to their cars and I'm complaining under my breath. Enough complaining. We got here, we're safe and gosh darnit, I love my husband! Off to Sun Valley resort tomorrow, where I'm sure I get to post a relaxed and poised woman (I'll make sure I post a picture of that desk clerk) Ciao from Utah!


Anonymous said...

Steph!!! We could've met you for dinner! :( Can we see you for a meal on your way home?

Kelly said...

The picture is priceless...enjoy your trip!

April Kennedy said...

There is sooo much I want to say. So many comments...I know you know what I mean. But I will contain myself. OK...so the picture is absolutely adorable. Oh and you missed Disney's Camp Rock. It is this summer's hit equal to High School Musical. It was great! The new scrapbook store here in Napa is great...we will have to crop there one night all together! Have a good trip and hurry home.

Rella said...

Wow, you'd think friends as good as Jimmy and Stephanie would have told us they were going to be in Salt Lake City. Hmph! I do hope they will let us see them on their way back through the state for goodness sake! We live very close and would be happy to drive. Do you read your comments Stephanie? Hmmm? Do you? LOL!
Love ya,