Why I'm crazy

Because I decided to go to IKEA and Healdsburg in the same day... with two kids.

Healdsburg has a fabulous Salvation Army that I frequent. That's where I purchased my Drexel Heritage couch for twenty bucks. Yeah, it's a fabulous place. But not today. Today, I found NO furniture AT ALL. I did, however, manage to find a truly vintage dress from the 50's and a pair of rad shoes for under $10. Not worth the trip this time, but maybe the universe is trying to get me back for the deal I got on the couch.

IKEA was fun at first- then the kids got bored. Really bored. Trying to jump on the beds and watch the fake tvs bored. But, I survived. And the kids have the coolest above the bed shelves (for the five brand new beds we worked so hard to purchase) and new lamps and fun toy shelves and so many other things one might pick up at a Scandinavian super store...

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