I am exhausted

mostly because I just wrote 8 blog posts in a row. I did not want to give up on that New Year's Resolution... another one of which was to write a b-day card to everyone in my family and send it. I missed February, BUT I bought the cards, wrote in them, sealed them AND addressed them. I.just.have.to.send.them!!!
I must do that tomorrow (or at least before I get to April, right?) What's unfortunate is that I can't change the post date like I can on the blog. Plus, the fact that the birthdays I am wishing happiness for happened last month... Argh!

However (!), As far as the final resolution: lose 50 lbs. I have lost just over 20 this year! This is a result of doing the Great in 8 challenge, of which I will explain in  detail in the upcoming week hoping that some of you might join me on the next go round.

Time for bed...

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Care'n King said...

Very good approach...don't remember using that one, it might have worked! Easter is fast approaching and want to know what you want for a meal ( hopefully it will be dinner...and yes we can fit everyone around the table). Sort of lucky my BD is in May...might get to celebrate with a card in August..tee hee!