I remember when gas used to cost $.99...

In other words, I am getting old.

Tonight, I had one too many burping/farting/armpit farting noises in my presence. It was then that I decided to jump ship and go to the movies. I intended to go alone. But as life is in a family of six, you are rarely alone. And so Kate jumped ship with me and we made a girls' night out of it. What was so cool about the night was that we were the the only ones in the whole theater. Probably because:
a) it was a school night
b) it was a kids movie
c) the movie was 3D (I hate the 3D trend with a passion)
d) the movies are freaking expensive nowadays

Regardless of the cost and terrible temptation it was to have a nine year old eating chocolate next to me whilst on a sugar fast, I do not regret going. I do not regret taking time to do what I want. Because having literally ten minutes to myself has not happened since (insert something relevant meaning 'a really long time' here). I had a good time even if I had to withdraw from Kate's college fund for it (nearly)

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Care'n King said...

I can lower your 99 cents to 26 cents...the first price I remember for gas! I am so glad you are taking care of yourself with the Great for 8, hiking, praying and being true to yourself. You are a wonderful young daughter of your Heavenly Father and I am so happy you choose me as your mom!
Love you