Setting Apart

My sister-in-law Michelle was set apart as a full time missionary tonight. There was a mix up in the schedule and the stake president had to change times and locations. At first, it was difficult to pull things together so last minute, but the Lord knows best and it turned out to be a huge blessing. President Judd ended up coming to my in-laws' home rather than at the church.
The spirit was palpable.
The stake president invited all of us to give Sister Graham advice and it was so touching.
I am so proud of who Michelle has become. I have felt so close to her as she has prepared. We have spent many days hiking together and talking about various gospel topics, which seems so natural in an outdoor setting. Being surrounded by God's handiwork really reminds me of all that He's done and all that we have. My advice to her was this:
 It has been promised to us in the scriptures that, "Charity never faileth". Regardless of whatever stumbling blocks, the promise is stated so clearly in so little words. The pure love of Christ will always be successful. It NEVER fails. I have found such comfort in this fact. There are times when I am trodden down in trials, but that reminder has been such a sweet reminder. If I ever feel like I am fighting a losing battle, I have the secret weapon that has been promised me. What joy fills my heart in knowing that I will be successful if I but remember those three words.
"Charity Never Faileth"

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