I tell people when something is in their teeth

Because I am a good friend.
How would I feel if I went around talking to tons of people with a big ol green piece of spinach flashing out and about?!
So then, why is it that there are not people around who choose to show me the same courtesy?!
I did not have anything in my teeth- but I did go a full day in a large public arena with my cardigan on inside out!!!

What makes it worse is that the cardigan is 5 sizes bigger than what I wear now! I wore it as a drapey kind of thing. Seriously, if this were to happen with what size I wear now, I may have done it on purpose!

Friends, if you care to call yourselves that- please, please, please ALWAYS tell me when something is in my teeth, hair messed up, smudged eye makeup etc. I promise I will return the favor.

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