What I ate yesterday:
See's Candy
Bacon and mushrrom egg white omelet
3 thin mints
2 samoas
tortilla chips
cara cara orange
mini m&m's
kraft mac n' cheese
pizza (whole wheat- haahaa, like that makes a difference in this day, hmph!)
rice crispy treat(s)
buttered popcorn
hot fudge sundae with more whipped cream than I care to mention... although, if I care not to mention it, I am pretty sure you know that's code for a mountain of whipped cream- and then more when it ran out.*

How I feel today:

*that one was for you, April :)

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{april kennedy} said...

it made me smile!!!! I wondered today what you have been eating and more importantly....how you felt?! nice update and super nice list! if i was there we would have been secretly fighting over the whipped cream!