Big Winner!

At the Boardwalk, we went to the arcade. It was probably not the best idea to go in there outnumbered by children. By the end of our experience in there, Jimmy and I were quite frazzled by everyine trying to pull us in multiple directions, needing extra tokens and trying to pick out (cheap, ,going in the trash when we get home) prizes. Jimmy said, "I have some tokens, do you want to play something?" I tool them and went to play Deal or No Deal. I walked back to where he was standing with the four kids with a whopping two tickets in my hand. I was done. But, on the way out I decided to pop a few stray tokens in the last game. Wheel of Fortune was my Lady Luck! I ended up winning 805 tickets. Do you know how long it takes a machine to dispense 805 tickets?! a very.long.time.

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