Buried treasure

We had one of those shaking-instead-of-laughing-because-we-are-trying-to-reverent-in-church in sacrament meeting today. All the kids were playing with a little tin box that came with magnets. When the talking while playing got to be too much, I asked all of them to pick up the tiny magnet pieces. How the magnets got to be so spread out in such little time, I have no idea. But it was a veritable treasure hunt while the kids were all scavenging for the pieces. Just as I was closing the lid on a tin box, Kate whispered, "I found one more!". She then pushed her hand into the crevice between cushions and pulled out a moldy raisin. The look on her face when that girl realized it was a raisin, and a moldy one at that, was priceless. It took the rest of the meeting for me to stop shaking...

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