We are a game playing family

There are two games in our house that have turned into traditions- both introduced to me by my dear friend, Shari.

One is "The Water Game", in which you have a tiny cap full of water and the player who is it holds it very close to each person in the circle in turn. The player holding the water thinks of something in a category and keeps it, then shares the category with everyone. (for example: they think of 'blue' then tell everyone else they are thinking of a color). As the water holder goes around the circle, each other player names a color. If they happen to say, "blue", that guesser gets a splash in the face. It is soooo fun!

The other is called, "Huckle Buckle Beanstalk". There is one person hiding a small object (we use a playmobile person) while everyone else leaves the room. The object must be in plain sight. Then everyone comes out and tries to find the object. They do so quietly and sneakily, then sit and shout, "Huckle Buckle Beanstalk!" when the object is found.

Well, Jimmy and I played a version of both games- we found the 'hidden' playmobile person in the washing machine pipes that happened to clog while doing a load of laundry. Then, opening the front loading washer, we also got to play "The Water Game"...

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