Changing religions

The religion thing has been quite new to our foster children. That being said, the boys have taken to church, praying, FHE and the like as ducks to water. They have been so good at following our examples and striving to do the right thing in this new culture they're experienced. In one such instance,  I had Kate and the 11 year old boy with me in the car. As we were driving, Kate was talking and stated a fact that I agreed with.
Sometimes, when this happens in a conversation, I say a resolute, "Amen!" Almost as a devout worshipper might in a backwoods church.
I don't know how I picked up this habit, but such was the case in this situation.
Without even thinking, the boy followed suit and shouted, "Amen!" also.
And then he looked at me a little perplexed, "Why did we say, 'Amen!'?"

It was then that I had to explain that his foster mother is weird and apparently baptist.

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SydneyHughes92 said...

Oh goodness! I do this all the time! Hahaha