Working for it

Tonight we were invited to go to a 'Friends Giving' party. It's basically a potluck in which the host makes turkey and everyone else brings the sides. Because Jimmy and I are doing Great in 8, we were probably going to have to avoid a lot of the food. However, in the rules of Great in 8, if you do a big event (i.e. a big hike, race etc.), you get a free meal. So this morning, we set out on a big hike to counter balance the big meal.

The hike was hard. Very hard. But picture the movie 'Spaceballs'  when the characters are stranded in the desert and all are chanting an item that would be salvation. You know, "water...water..."

Well, that was me. Except, rather than water, oil or room service- I was chanting, "pumpkin pie... pumpkin pie..." Honestly, I thought about all the things I would be eating that night, but what really motivated me on the hike was pumpkin pie.

After we finally finished the hike, our family went home to get ready for the party. Jimmy and I dropped off Kate and then arrived at the host's home with our stuffing in hand. The dinner was great, the conversation was fantastic and all I could think of was pie. My legs were still sore from earlier in the day and I knew that pie would ease my pain.

When dessert rolled around, there were some beautiful things that looked delicious... but *gasp* NO pumpkin pie!!!! I toyed with the idea of just eating what was there and being happy. But honestly, the whole reason I hiked was for the pie. And so, Jimmy and I left early, went to the store, bought pumpkin pie and took it home to eat it. With extra whipped cream.

I suppose if you ever want me to come and party with you, just tell me you have pumpkin pie.

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