As if we're not going through enough...

So, when it rains it pours, huh?!

Jimmy called me yesterday morning because his car had stalled on the way to work. Fortunately after some time, he was able to start it back up and get to work. Because I had plans to go to the temple in the afternoon, Jimmy was going to meet me at the equestrian center and take over with Kate while I went out of town.
Just following lessons, Jimmy and Kate went to deliver bread- and his car broke down again. This time, it was in the middle of an intersection. It took 20 minutes before someone finally stopped to help Jimmy push the car off to the side of the road.
In a strange twist of irony, this is the same intersection that just a few months ago a stranger had stalled out. Jimmy was driving and the light had turned red. So, he popped out, I climbed into the driver's seat and Jimmy helped push the stranger's car to the side of the road- in his suit (we were on our way to church). I just wish Jimmy's help was as timely as Jimmy was those few months ago :)

Anyway, after the car was pushed to the side of the road, my mother-in-law came to help Kate deliver the rest of the bread. We got the car towed to a local shop and waited for the news...

Of course the cost was ridiculous with a list of repairs still needing to get done.
And so, I suppose that we will be asking Santa for some serious change this Christmas.
Pity, I really wanted a puppy...

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