Boys will be boys

After my fabulous new haircut, I had received so many compliments. My stylist is a dear friend (friend first, stylist second) and I trust her immensely. Whenever she cuts my hair, I give no direction, just tell her to do what she wants. Best decision ever. She is good, folks.

When my friend asked if I would like an asymmetrical cut, I was totally agreeable. And that trust paid off. Check out my hair:
This is the only picture I have right now, but I LOVE it!
At church last Sunday, I was pretty jazzed to show off my new cut, when I heard two old men grumbling behind me. Then I heard this, "Looks like your barber was drunk when he cut your hair!"
WHAT?! I turned around at their chuckling and gave them a look.
Then one continued, "It's not even!"
"It's asymmetrical- it's supposed to be like that!" I shot back.
Seriously, the conversation sounded like a school yard, not a chapel.
All that transpired was actually funny and I was not offended by their remarks. I actually thought it was more funny than anything. Out of all thing said of my hair, I know I will continue to trust my stylist. She's rad.

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