Veteran's Day

This is an amazing post that my brother Kyle posted on Facebook. I just loved everything he said and I didn't want to mess it up with my wording.
"On the left is my Grandpa (Fletcher) Smith. His mother died when he was very young and the siblings were all separated to different family members then. My understanding is that he didn't see them very much, if at all growing up. He was in
the Army Air Corps during WWII, on a campaign that would take him through North Africa, and into Italy. This picture was taken in North Africa. The gentleman next to him is his Brother, who he hadn't seen since he was a child. Just by chance, in the middle of the chaos of war, on the other side of the planet, he found his brother, who had joined the Army.

Fighting for your country is full of it's challenges, but equal or greater to that are the bonds that are formed. My Grandpa literally made brotherly bonds there, and I did too in forms of friendships that will last a lifetime. For that, I am truly grateful."


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