Wash that mouth out with soap!

Driving home from church yesterday, Kate offered up what she had learned in primary.
After the usual exchange, she finally said, "And I swore in church today."
"What?!?!" I yelped.
"Well, we were playing this game where we had to come up with a word starting with the next letter in the alphabet. I got the letter 'd'. The first word I thought of was 'darn it'. "

Thinking this was the end of the story, I let out a sigh of relief.
"Kate," I said, "'darn it' is not a bad word."
She replied, "Well, I didn't stop at 'darn it'. I kept going... " then she sheepishly looked at me and continued, "I said, 'damn' next."

I know that the proper response would have been to talk calmly and rationally. But I did not respond properly. My sweet daughter, who rarely rebels or even disobeys just cussed at church.
How was I supposed to respond?!
Rather than react in a calm and rational manner-
I burst out laughing...

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