Oh Jimmy...

This morning, as we were getting ready for the day, I had mentioned that I was planning on getting some laundry done.
Sweet Jimmy said, "Remember to clean out the lint trap"
Remember to clean out the lint trap?!
Seriously, how long have I been doing laundry?!?!

I actually thought the very innocent reminder was so silly that I actually harrumphed.
I swear, I did.
Then I looked at my darling and said exactly what I was thinking.
Jimmy was just so kind in responding, "I just wanted you to remember!"

Well friends, in the House of Graham, I am never the one who needs reminding.
Far from it. That is why this morning the statement was so out of place...
Especially when we all piled in the car to leave and I had to remind Jimmy to get his lunch. The lunch that was sitting by the front door. The lunch that I put in such a place that my husband had to step over it to get outside and into the car.

And then, when I dropped him off at work, the lunch that was sitting on his lap mysteriously was left in the car. Which I noticed and went back to his work to drop it off. In which, I had to call him from my cell phone because Jimmy didn't realize he left it in the car...

And that is why Jimmy reminding me to clean out the lint trap was such an odd request...

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