A famous person knows about my baby!

This is our third year at the NVFF.
And as always we LOVED it!!
This was the first year we took Kate with us.
The first film was a special film written by a young teenager named Rena who suffered a fatal disease.
She, unfortunately, did not live to see the film finished. But the cast and crew were very clear in stating that Rena was there for it all.
Before the film was a 'making of' documentary. It was just beautiful. And I of course cried like a baby the whole time. It was just so special. I was really touched by the spirit.
After the documentary, we watched Rena's film.
We then got the joy of a q&a with a cast member and the crew.
I was really inspired by the work that hundreds of people did so Rena could have her dream.
Also, we got to meet Jackson Rathbone, who plays Jasper in Twilight!
It's funny, because Jimmy actually talked to him longer than anyone else there. Jimmy talked to him about being a new father and told Jackson that I was expecting. He congratulated us both... maybe we should name the baby Jackson, hahaha!

It was neat to meet everyone and a cool experience for little Kate.

This is a picture of producer and founder of Make a Film Foundation and Rena's mom:
 This is a picture of the casting director (who was like an incredible angel with Kate) and the directors. The man on the right also directed the Austin Powers movies, Meet the Parents, Meet the Fockers and a bunch of others I can't remember right now.
 Jackson Rathbone! He was so kind and actually very witty. He looked a little Johnny Depp-ish in person. Very down to earth and talked to Jimmy longer than anyone else!
 Me and Jackson- I was the last one with a picture before he was interviewed on tv. I was pretty excited and not too shy (or 'too cool') to ask for a picture.
 We found this adorable little walkway in Calistoga. So charming!

After these pictures, we went to another screening that was less than good... We had high hopes for the screening because of its content. But the sweet horse documentaries ended up with a propaganda film as the capstone. Plus, the venue was stifling and stinky. We scurried out of that place so fast, people must have thought there was a fire...

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