After taking Kate to the films in the morning yesterday, we dropped her off with Ashley so we could attend the long awaited SHORTS!
Short films are my very favorite part of the festival. I love the poignancy. There is a short time to tell a big story. Plus the filmmakers don't do it for the money, as there is virtual no revenue accumulated from short films. The people involved do it because they are passionate about the subject and art.

Upon arriving at the venue, the line was pretty long already. I had hope we would get in, but not enough to be calm. The anxiety was mounting as each pass holder stepped in the theater. That was one less seat that would be available for the rush ticket holders. I had been waiting all year for this experience. Shorts are my ultimate favorite and I had hand picked this screening. An added bonus? Some filmmakers we met last year had another film in this set. I saw them milling around and was thrilled to be able to talk to them afterwards. I remembered their film from the previous year- which is a big deal. Because we saw so many films, I can't believe I could remember these guys, never mind what film they produced.

When I reached the ticket window, I paid our fee and was thrilled to have gotten in! Not so fast... they stopped us at the door to do a head count in the theater. After a tense few seconds, we were allowed in. Jimmy and I got the LAST TWO SEATS together in the theater. It was meant to be. Then, I looked over at Jimmy and he was ashen faced. Uh oh. I hoped against the inevitable. But in this case, my hope did not work magic. Jimmy was seriously sick. He asked if we could leave. Terrible wife that I was I said, "Can't you just sleep in the car?!"

After a death stare from my beloved, I agreed to leave. While Jimmy ran to the bathroom, I went to the box office to return our tickets. So sad. My sweet husband was in the restroom long enough for me to hear the laughter coming from the theater. I was crushed. Fortunately, there was a filmmaker out in the lobby with me who was too afraid to see the audience's reaction to his film. So we got to chat a bit and he gave me his email address so I could contact him. He offered to email my a copy of his film if I promised to keep it secret. Because his movie hadn't been at all the festivals yet, the film could not be distributed. It was so kind of him to offer. And now, I have a filmmakers personal email address!!! Let the stalking commence... just kidding, of course.
This man was so kind as to check on Jimmy periodically. Honestly, Jimmy was in the can so long that I could have probably just waited for him in the theater.
But I am devoted to my husband.
Jimmy and I left the theater crying- for different reasons, of course.
But maybe I can see the shorts next year...
Of course, they will have to allow nursing babies.
Maybe two years...

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