I LOVE Elder Holland!

I got a great video in the midst of our trials that really brought me peace. In fact, in all the condolences and love expressed- this clip was revisited at least three times a day. It helped me so very much in what was a very dark time. But now that things are different, I find that it has helped me just as much. Give it a try:


I tried to embed. but blogger doesn't allow it anymore- it's worth the extra click.

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Care'n King said...

I, too, loved this clip! Elder Holland has always spoken to my spirit and I am sure I am not the only one. I always liken the love that HF has for us with my own parental love. I am sure it is not as perfect nor as intense, but the model is there. I could see beyond some of the decisions you kids made to know it was not going to work out they way you thought, but I tried to be patient and let the mistake happen, because I knew you would learn.
YOu are doing such a good job with Kate! love you mom