Winter just wasn't our season

I’m telling you… Christmas just wasn’t our season this year-. I was talking to my dad on the phone lamenting about the fact that this was the very first year since Jimmy and I met that we didn’t get to go to the movies on Christmas day because the House of Graham was awfully sick. The problem solver that he is, my dad went on wikipedia to figure out when orthodox Catholics celebrate Christmas. It is thirteen days after Christmas- last night!!! So, for family home evening, we had a sweet little lesson and headed off to our “Christmas” movie.


During the previews Jimmy complained of an upset stomach.
During the first five minutes of the movie, Jimmy left the theater to hang out in the car.
During the rest of the movie, he was really sick out in the car.

And so my sweet husband is lying in bed- and I’m writing here all about how Christmas, even the orthodox Catholic one, was just not our season this year…

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