New Year's Resolutions

First Resolution: Lose 50 lbs.
I was able to lose 50 last year, hoping to do the same in 2013... As you can see, in our New Year's Eve spread, I ate just enough junk to want to get back on the horse.

Second Resolution: send a card to every family member for their birthday
If you are part of my family, you already know the difficulty I have with this. Sorry. I had the same resolution last year and only got to my brother Jim... his birthday falls in January. Yes folks, his was my first and my last. This year shall be different. Maybe I'll make it to Scott (February 21)

Third and final resolution: write on this here blog everyday.
I know it seems a lofty goal, but I enjoy writing. I love having a record of what I've done and I plan on doing digital scrapbooking this year during our monthly project nights. Having everything in a blog is so easy to just transfer over. Even if it is one word, I would like to post it. Plus (!) my family will want to know what's going on with us- they probably can't wait to hear from me after receiving such a nice birthday card, right?

Good Riddance, 2012!!!!
Welcome, 2013!!!!

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