We had a successful trip to (HomeGoods, Michaels, Office Max, JoAnn's, Ross &) IKEA! My mother-in-aw was with me, so we made a few stops on the way... Kate was a real trooper in between the SIX bathroom trips and constant complaining. Because all she wanted to do was this: 
Yes, folks... that is Kate ready to jump out of a wardrobe shouting, "For Narnia!"
She did it with an accent and everything. 
I successfully got a new wall set up with the freakishly HUGE frame on the right. Inside of that frame is a picture my brother took blown up to 20x30- with a 4 inch mat. It is big and a little creepy. I have also added a picture with Kate next to the frame for a size reference. Do you see that she is almost life sized in the framed portrait?!  I love the picture... so much so, that I got it really big. I ordered the picture in a 20x30 size because I did not actually measure , I just figured it was a good size... and I almost got a size larger!!!

 When in IKEA, everything looks dwarfish because the store is so ginormous, so the frame looked doable. I put it on our wall and I feel eerily watched by our family portrait. But, I really like who I live with, so I really like the picture. The quality is spectacular and my brother did a fabulous job taking the photo.

p.s.- there's my new table!

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