Angels held that hat up

I am a Primary teacher in our ward. The music leader is extremely talented and always makes music time fun and interesting. I really enjoy the lessons she prepares. Yesterday, the game played involved putting together a snowman piece by piece. The kids were a little wild yesterday, possibly due to the two visitors who were overly enthusiastic. It was a good natured wild, but wild nonetheless.

One of these visitors approached the snowman to place the hat upon Frosty's head. But rather than attach the hat in proper order, the little visitor boy tried to place the hat in an unruly position. Unfortunately for him, the hat would not stay in place after much cajoling and repositioning.

When the boy looked at the music leader and asked, "Why won't the hat stick?!"
She jokingly responded, "Because you're not putting it on the right way!"
Then, the little boy turned the hat to its correct position and the hat stuck firmly on top of Frosty's head... and stayed for remainder of the meeting.

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