Like I said in previous posts, we have been having a little bit of difficulty with Kate lately. Not so bad that I am ready to send her off to military school, but bad enough that I will be sprouting some grey hair any day now. Recently, obedience has been an issue. We are used to a very conscientious girl when it comes to listening to us. But, as of late, my little girl has started to have a mind of her own. Kate is trying hard to please us while still doing what she'd like. Because of her new found independence, we have been a little harsh to her. Within the past week that girl has gotten quite a few punishments. I do think it's starting to set in...

Today, I had grandiose plans of cleaning the house tip top shape. Alas, my daughter has a book report in need of completing. So, rather than do all I had planned, I spent the bulk of the glorious day plopped next to Kate urging, pleading, cajoling. She was eager to do this project, but as we all know, the end product seems glamorous until you buckle down and work for it. Because I had already had such a difficult afternoon with Kate, I was ready to get just a small amount of tidying in before the end of the arduous day.

So, after wrapping up the report, I got up quickly and starting nearly barking commands. "Jimmy, empty the dishwasher! I'll load it after I switch the laundry. Then we can vacuum! Kate, you sweep the floor under your table! Let's move!move!move!" As we sprung into action, it became a whirlwind. My patience was wearing thin, so no one asked for clarification of any sort. It was only when I was finished with my end that I noticed Kate did not sweep like I asked. Under the table was debris scattered everywhere!  I was seriously ready for the bomb to drop when she came into the room to explain herself. My sweet little girl stood innocently in front of me and whimpered, "But I did, Mommy. I did sweep under my table. It was really hard!"

Then upon me pointing under her spot at the kitchen table and raising my eyebrows, the dawn of recognition crossed her face. That's when she said, "Ohhhh... I thought you meant MY table in my room. I did that but there was hardly anything under it and it's really hard to sweep up carpet."

The hardness I had saved for this moment had washed away... She did do what I asked. She did listen to what I said. And she was trying her very best to escape my path unscathed. Poor thing was so afraid of being disobedient and getting punished again, that Kate just did what was asked of her without making mention how ridiculous the request sounded.

We, fortunately, had a good laugh over the misunderstanding. And my goal this week is to be more patient, clear and understanding. I know I need to let up- just not so much that she tries to clean the toilet with a vacuum.

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Elizabeth said...

Nice one mom!! Haha. You are doing a great job with her. Love you!!!