Aptly named

This morning, I taught seminary. It was fah-reeeeezing at 5:00am!!! For mornings such as these, I received a pair of fabulous leather gloves for Christmas... BUT I keep forgetting them inside. So, I kept thinking in the car, "I just need to keep the fabulous Michael Kors gloves outside in the car. Hmmmm, if only there was a place I could keep them in the car that would protect them from getting lost."

Then, I proceeded to look in and around my car for an appropriate place to put my gloves. After much hunting and pecking, I found the perfect little spot next to random napkins from various drive-thrus and a myriad of hot sauces to stash my gloves. And wouldn't you know it?!?! It's called a GLOVE COMPARTMENT.

Now, by a show of frost bitten hands- who actually keeps gloves in their glove compartment?

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