Before I was pregnant with Kate, I was not a fan of chocolate. In fact, I did not like chocolate at all. When I became pregnant, wouldn't you know- that's all I wanted! I could not figure it out! With the years passing and being a mother of that special girl, I understand a little more...
Tuesday, my sister-in-law picked Kate up from school and had her all evening.
I celebrated a day full of productivity.
Laundry- check, Dishes- check, Bedrooms tidied- check!
I was a happy busy little bee keeping the hive in proper working order.
It was right before bed time when my darling daughter stepped through the door. In her hand was a large container brimming with money. I did the sideways head tilt with raised eyebrows for an explanation. In return was a launch from Kate into the story of why she was looking like a banker that day. Apparently, my sweet daughter wanted to raise money for the animal shelter. Awwww... right? In order to raise said funds, my sweet daughter had cleared out her room of many valuables unbeknownst to me and was selling them during recess.
And that, my folks, is when the need for a piece of chocolate kicked in.
I wanted to lock myself in the bathroom and gnaw on a huge chunk of
anything of the chocolate persuasion.
I see now that I may be a stress eater....
and those cravings make infinite sense to me now.

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