I'll accept the apology

The Universe seems to be sending good juju* for all the troubles it sent before (and during) Christmas. I went shopping and in every single store found something on super sale and exactly what I wanted!!! Now when does the Universe ever align to make those two things possible in the same purchase?... when Mr. Universe has some 'splainin to do.

 Let me give a list that will
a) make you agree with me wholeheartedly and
b) make you jealous

Deal One:
I have been eyeing the most beautiful table at Cost Plus World Market that fits in perfectly with our couch, "Collette" (yes, we name inanimate objects in our house- they're my friends!). This table has been on my horizon since before Thanksgiving. I have actually been there just.to.visit.the.table.and.buy.nothing. We had built quite a relationship, me and this table. My sister-in-law works at World Market  and called my to inform our household of a 50% furniture sale and put the last and only model on hold. When I arrived at the store to pick up the table, a stock boy was out there and offered an additional 20% off because it was a floor model. That on top of Michelle's employee discount makes my husband very happy. I walked out of the store with a practically free table!

Deal Two:
When I lose 100 lbs. I plan on a very nice gift for myself- Frye Boots. Frye Boots cost more than I care to write here- but if you're really curious, I'll send you to the website here. Now that you're back you understand why I would choose THOSE as my gift for a job well done. In the meantime, I really needed boots. Like, lining falling out of my favorite flats, wet toes in the rain kind of necessity. Went to Clarks and found BOOTS! Really nice, all leather- no crappy vinyl/faux/nasty boots. You guessed it- on clearance! with an additional 25% off!!!!!!!#

Deal Three:
This week when I went to Target- everything that was on my list was marked down. Everything. The trash bags, laundry soap, salad dressing etc. Everything. How creepy is that?!

I think that the Universe did an amazing job making up for it's end of the year shenanigans. Tomorrow I am going to IKEA to purchase a picture frame. I really hope the Universe still has a smidgen of remorse...

*Freaky Fact: Whilst writing this post, I have been online to find pictures that better render what I purchased than my shaky hand and bad lighting might do. IN ALL CASES, I went on the actual websites and found no proof that these products ever existed. When searching by name and product number for a picture of the table, it was nowhere to be found! Coincidence?! I think not.

#Really, I am not a shopaholic. I do not purchase things often. After the use of so many exclamation points, I thought I might mention that little tidbit.

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