Miracles (great and small)

We had the missionaries over for dinner last night. It was an enjoyable evening, but we were a little disappointed that only two missionaries came. We usually have four. Because I have gone off sugar until my birthday, I was not very thrilled about there being only two elders to eat the dessert I had prepared. Having extra cupcakes lying around is not good in this goal...
When the missionaries visit, they always share a spiritual thought at the end of the night. Last night, for their particular message, they asked our family to participate in a "power hour". Here's how a "power hour" works:
Immediately after visiting our family, they would go to work on the streets tracting. Our family is to specifically pray for a miracle for the missionaries when they are out teaching. When the elders asked us to help them, I felt a very strong prompting for a specific person. The woman I had felt strongly about was a near stranger to me. Back in the Fall, Jimmy and I were running up our road and felt prompted to visit this woman. Her driveway was STEEP and LONG, but we powered through it and approached the home. She was happy to talk to us because the woman was in distress and needed someone to listen. We left on a good note. The following day, I went to drop off a Book of Mormon for her. Because the gate was up in the driveway this time, I had to leave the book in her mailbox. I left my phone number. A few days later I received a call on our answering machine thanking us for the book- her message was heartfelt and kind- but, it was long and got cut off. I never heard the end of the message. And I never returned to her home... until last night.

In the middle of the elder explaining the "power hour", the woman I had not spoken to in months and only very briefly weighed on my mind. When the missionary was done explaining, I  said, "Before we do this- will you come visit somebody with me?" In our religious culture, we traditionally bring a goodie when we visit someone. Because the other missionaries had not come, I had some cupcakes  to share! We drove up to the woman's home and introduced the missionaries. I thought because it had been so long since I had seen her, that she would not recognize me. But she did! And proceeded to share with us that the highlight of her life was when she participated in a scripture study class with missionaries!!! She had kept the Book of Mormon I gave her on the night stand. We talked a bit and had a wonderful and fulfilling conversation. As the whole group of us left, I felt very joyful in following a prompting. However, what made this visit such a miracle was the call I received today. The woman called and shared with me her happiness in our visit. Then she said, "It was my birthday and getting cupcakes was so special. I never get visitors- I was just so excited that I would have someone visit me with a treat on my special day!"

I still cannot believe how everything worked out.
How someone else had signed up for the missionaries that night and it had fallen through.
How the second set could not make it.
How we had just enough cupcakes to share...

A cupcake may not seem like a lot- but when you are lonely on a special day thinking no one has remembered you- can you imagine the joy at a near stranger just dropping by with a birthday treat? I know that Heavenly Father is mindful of us. I know that He hears our prayers and knows our desires. I know that miracles can range from the parting of the Red Sea to a birthday cupcake. And I am eternally grateful for these truths.

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{april kennedy} said...

I love you and I love how tender you are to listening to the promptings of the Holy Ghost. I rely on you often...for your promptings...right now! :)