Kate approached me the other day and said, "Mom, I need your advice. I am in love. This is not a crush. It is Real. Love." I didn't know how to react. How do you react to a 9 year old proclaiming true love?! My mind went spinning back to the days when emotions felt so life and death.

Gosh, it's been rough the past few weeks... our little girl just gave me that look for the first time.
The look where you know the respect is gone from their eyes.
 The look where I, the parent, have no idea what I;m talking about.
The look that all obedience is a thing of the past.

Kate and I are close. we get along so well. But, I have a feeling this road will still be a very bumpy one. Fortunately for me, my daughter and I are alike in that we are touched by music. Lyrics and songs are so powerful. So when I received the new Killers album from Kate as a Christmas gift, we listened to it together. One track stuck out to me- it became my ballad to her. Now, everywhere we go- my sweet daughter will put that track number on. She will pause it when I drop her off at school and start it up when I pick her up. I feel so blessed that our connection is changing- but more blessed for the mercy in this song. Mercy to connect on a level when speaking just isn't the same for us right now. We are at peace as mother and daughter when we listen in the car. And now I hear her singing that song in her room. I think it only fitting that the song is called, "Be Still"

Check it out:

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