Point Guard

Kate has been playing basketball at school a ton lately. I think it started because the boy she's in love with plays during recess. But, it has really turned into a love for her (the sport, not the boy).

 In passing, Kate mentioned to the neighbor boy that she really would like to practice on the old hoop behind the barn, but it was under a bunch of rubble. The sweet neighbor boy took it upon himself to drag the huge hoop out and put it up for her while we were gone one day. Now, I know he doesn't have a crush on her- but he is just so caring and takes good care of Kate. Ever since he found out Kate is in love with someone in her class, the neighbor has really turned it up a notch.

In fact, today after hours and hours of coaching from the neighbor- Kate got in three baskets! A HUGE feat if you know our girl. It has been fun to watch those two and their friendship unfold. I think (and hope) this is what it would be like to have more kids.

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