Does this mean I am dying sooner?

I have a list of life goals I would like to accomplish. Last year, I was able to knock a couple off of the list. Now, I am saddled with the dilemma: If I do more on the list, will I die sooner OR If I don't do them, will I regret living longer?! I know, I know- why even make a list? Because, folks... I am a crazy list person. I have a list for everything. I cannot even function without writing out in long hand what I am doing for the day. I feel less stressed out and don't have to think about it if everything is written out. There have been times when I drive all the way down our hill, only to walk in and out of a store without a single purchase because I forgot the list. That doesn't happen much anymore because I usually write multiples now... Gosh, maybe I am getting a little out of hand.

Well, on the list of things I'd like to cross off the big list of life goals this year are:
Temple Square Christmas Lights
Backpacking Trip with my family
Bake a souffle
Learn how to make Brioche
For just one whole day, have every single dish and article of laundry clean and put away

What I did in 2012 to shorten the list:

Saw live General Conference
Sang a Solo

I might be getting ahead of myself trying to do 5 goals... but I think I can do it!

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