Too bad I'm not a professor...

Because that would be a good reason for me being so absent minded.

Tonight- I did it again...
I RSVPed to a party and didn't show.
I HATE doing that and I do it all the freaking time.
Not that I don't want to go- I DO!
Even today, I left Kate's riding lessons early to make dinner early to get out of the house early to be on time to the baby shower. Jimmy knew what I was doing. And we both forgot!

It was only at 9:30 that I realized what a total space cadet I was tonight.
I get into the groove: make dinner, clean kitchen, feed baby, help with homework, brush teeth, read scriptures, family prayer, kisses goodnight. It is only when I sit down to rest from the day that it dawns on me what I've done.
I write it on the calendar. I receive email updates. I had a friend text me just hours before asking if I was going- I said yes!!!

Does anyone have a cure all for this problem?

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caren said...

Well, start with NOT beating yourself up about it. Things change including your attention span and with a new baby, a young woman on a horse, and an active life ~ somethings fall into the "cracks". (Last word meant to lighten you up a little about Sunday 3:20 am.)
Love you sweetie!