Recipe Quest

Tonight we had a three ward RS activity. The exact kind I like- bring some food, share it, gab and go. The ladies of the church are so busy that they rarely get an opportunity to just sit and talk. My husband might tell you another story, but I'm right.

When I went to the activity tonight, finding food to fit the healthy eating plan I'm trying to follow was like hunting and gathering. It didn't help that Vivy screamed while I was trying to plate up. Fortunately for me, there was an abundance of kind women there that offered to make my plate and hold the baby. It was nice that they had my back :)

One of the salads I tried was so delicious. My favorite of the night, actually. It had raw cauliflower, spinach, almonds and avocado. It was a strange (to me) and delicious combination. I liked it so much that I started asking around who had made the salad. It became the mystery of the night! From each table, I received a different answer as to who had prepared the yummy salad. One table directed me to a total stranger (whom I now call friend). Another group sent me to the woman I had been sitting next to all night. I felt really silly when I asked that lady if she had made the cauliflower stuff because, hello!,  I had already talked her ear off about how immensely I enjoyed the salad and she hadn't stopped me to say she made it. Wasn't hers.

There was another brilliant woman that suggested I watch to see who took the bowl home. With my smarts, you'd think that I would have thought of that. I was in a cauliflower fog, I tell ya. Watching the green plastic bowl for it's owner lasting a whopping 37 seconds before I had a crying baby begging to be changed. And wouldn't you know it? The bowl disappeared while I was changing Vivy's diaper!

Upon noticing that the bowl was gone, I practically yelled, "Who took that bowl?!" pointing to the empty space on the table that had previously held such treasure. A kind woman stated, "Judy Bernards"

And then I realized I had the answer all along. I knew I should've recognized that bowl. Judy brought us dinner after we had the baby. The dinner she made was delivered in THAT bowl. And the dinner she delivered was delicious and healthy- just like the salad.
Silly Stephanie... usually I am a pro at putting the pieces together. But I was rusty tonight, folks. All due to one memorable salad, of which I shall be posting the recipe the moment I track it down. Wish me luck!

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