Today was a trying day. No school because of the earthquake yesterday. And we had my in-laws' sleep at our house last night because their house is uninhabitable right now. It was fun to have a sleepover, but going to bed was really difficult for me. To be honest, I was terrified when it got dark last night. I didn't want to wake up to rumbling again. The earthquake hit at 3:20 am. Baby woke up last night to eat at 2:30am. While she was eating, I kept watching the clock. I had major anxiety watching each minute pass and grow closer to the same exact time of night the catastrophe hit 24 hours ago. I lived, though. I made it past 3:20 and was able to fall back asleep. But the previous day was exhausting- emotionally and physically. We spent most of today just taking shifts sleeping. I thought for sure I would get a ton done. But doing laundry proved to be disastrous when the spin cycle hit. I jumped up so fast thinking another earthquake was coming. The anxiety was not worth the clean clothes. I just keep thinking in midst of mundane tasks, "What if it hit right now? Where would I stand? Could I get to the kids? Would the glass shatter? Where is Jimmy?" I feel like my peace has been taken away from me. I know it will return in time. But the night is coming and that is when I get most scared. Here are some shots of downtown:

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