I love free stuff!

The library in our town has a really cool program. The program encourages Napa residents to go out and explore local museums. 'Local' to them is all around the Bay Area- including San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Rosa and here in Napa.

Wanna know how it works?! On the Library website, there's a link to the Discover and Go page. On that page, you browse through available dates and choose the day you would like to go out. Then, you choose a museum. After choosing a museum, you print out FREE passes and go! That is it. Why is it only NOW that I am learning about this program?!?! There is the option to go to museums that cost almost as much as Disneyland per day! There is a wealth of culture and here am I ready to soak it all up. I cannot wait to go to my first museum! Now how to choose...

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