Homemade Raviolis!

Jimmy and I are doing another Great in 8 Challenge- so white flour is off the menu. And since you ask, Yes- the program is going well. I lost 6 pounds in the first week!!!
Onto the menu:
Kate wanted ravioli. I wanted ravioli. Jimmy didn't care.
Do you know of a place one might buy whole wheat raviolis?
Neither do I.
So we made some. With our awesome pasta crank that is so fun. Especially because this time around, I wasn't pregnant and it wasn't over 100 degrees in the kitchen. Welp, that makes for a fun time making your own pasta!

We stuffed it with light string cheese- tasted great and the cheese was ooey gooey.
The best part, in my opinion, was the sauce. Fresh garden tomatoes and basil.
Hungry yet?


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