Poor Kate was put to work today.
She had no school because of the earthquake and inspections being incomplete.
Most kids her age spent the day lounging.
My kid helped me scrub down the entire kitchen. As in, empty every cupboard, scour the insides and return items in an orderly fashion.
The one time she complained, I gave her a hard time because there are kids in the world who don't have houses to clean.
Seriously?! I used that line?
I think I was having just as hard of a time completing the task that I didn't need negativity. One little comment pushed me over the edge.
Who really likes scrubbing out dirty cabinets? No one- is the right answer.
You know what, though? Working hard with my daughter is one of my favorite things to do with her. She is funny.
She is smart.
And, goodness does she spill the beans about everything when she's bored while we're working. Bonus points: we have something clean or built or baked in the end. I am thrilled that my ten year old is not typical for her age. She works alongside me and has since she was a toddler. Starting when she was three, Kate would help me serve at funerals for members of our congregation. I could truck that kid along anywhere I went. And I feel that the level of our relationship has increased each time we've used good old elbow grease. She is not afraid to get her hands dirty, that girl. I am proud of her. I hope that she has at least some fond memories of growing up in our family.
Because it's an awful lot of work.

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